Playing Batman Arkham Origins. [Live]

Playing Batman Arkham Origins.


Anime list~

So people ask me which animes I’ve seen.

I haven’t seen a whole lot, but my to do list is like 100+ so eventually my library is going to expand.

Eventually my list will be in alphabetical order but right now I’m lazy as fuck. Also after a while I will remove this whole top part.


If you want to see posts about me watching anime or my thoughts on shows, you can look at the tag on my blog #Dallas Watches

Please be respectful about spoilers, if you see a series is not complete~ 


List Key:

Titles in normal writing are series I’m currently watching (so I’ve watched at least one episode and am going to continue)

Titles in bold means I’ve finished this series.

Titles with a ミ★ mean they are in my favorites list.

Titles with an (T_T) means I watched it but didn’t like it (rare)


Kill la Kill ミ★

World Conquest Zvevda Plot ミ★

Yuyushiki ミ★

Beyond the Boundary ミ★

Witch Craft Works


Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions ミ★

Lucky Star ミ★


Humanity Has Declined

Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time

One Week Friends

Squid Girl

No Life No Game ミ★

Mekakucity Actors ミ★

Is the Order a Rabbit? ミ★

Just watched No Game No Life Episode 3 c:

It was fucking great. Can’t wait till episode 4